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EnGenius EZ Repeater

EnGenius EZ Repeater

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EnGenius EZ Repeater

EnGenius EZ Repeater

Ein extrem geniales und simples Gerät um das eigene Netzwerk zu Hause so zu verteilen, so dass man an allen Stellen des Hauses (auch im Garten) Zugang zum Internet hat, aber auch optimal um unterwegs (egal ob man im Hotel ist oder mit dem Auto auf dem Parkplatz steht oder mit dem Campingwagen auf dem Campingplatz -12V Autoadapter wird mitgeliefert) einen Internetzugang zu erhalten.


The EnGenius EZ Repeater is a long-range 2.4GHz wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot repeater and is ideal for extending the weak signal from the original Wi-Fi Hotspots to your home.

Simple setup with no wires, configuring IP addresses required!
The EZ Repeater can be quickly configured directly out of the box without having to be hard-wired to a laptop or PC. Just power up the EZ Repeater and with a few simple clicks from the web browser of any smart PDA, tablets, you will be ready to go. Totally hassle free of remembering and configuring troublesome IP addresses!

Your own secured wireless network
Unlike traditional repeater which will inherit the hotspot's SSID and encryption profile, the EZ Repeater has its own SSID and encryption, irregardless of the type of encryption or no encryption of the Wi-Fi Hotspot. The encryption key is always the serial number of the product so you will never lose it or forget it.

One Internet voucher/Login for everyone
Some Wi-Fi Hotspot services operates on paid methods using vouchers or online payment. Such paid services are usually bind to a single client device, meaning you will need to purchase additional vouchers or login accounts for your other family members or other devices. With the EZ Repeater, you only need to use a single voucher or login account and the rest of your family members can access to the Internet!

Easy and versatile installation
The EZ Repeater is designed as a ceiling mount AP, which will not violate with your interior decoration. Setting up the AP is simple with only 3-steps. The attractive design, high performance and array of features make the EZ Repeater a suitable wireless solution for your residence or office.

  • 32 x man-20 supported
  • Setup directly from any tablets or smartphone
  • Supports unsecured, secured hotspots including PEAP-MSCHAP
  • Delivers long-range extending/repeating
  • Repeat/Extend unsecured hotspots with own private secured SSID
  • Backward compatible to 802.11b/g
  • Built-in 5dBi omni-directional antenna
  • Additional 12V car adapter cable for travel usage



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