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EnGenius EP 802 Extreme Range Cordless Phone

EnGenius EP 802 Extreme Range Cordless Phone

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EnGenius EP 802 Extreme Range Cordless Phone

EnGenius EP-802 Extreme Range Cordless Phone
nur noch die Basisstion vorhanden, die geht aber auch mit dem Handgerät EP-801

hier gibt es einen Vegleichstest mit herkömmlichen DECT Telefonen:

EnGenius, award-winning innovator of long-range wireless technology, has announced the launch of the EP802. A single line long range cordless phone system that uses powerful technology for expanded indoor and outdoor small home office uses. The EP802 offers a sleek design with robust technology and an array of key features that makes it perfect for use in offices and homes.

The EP802 system provides up to 10 acres of outdoor coverage, up to 6 floors of in-building penetration and up to 25,000 square feet of indoor coverage by using innovative technology. Other features of the EP802 include a multi-language setup option, built-in speakerphone on both the base and handset units and a two-way radio for instant communication. The wireless intercom is private and secure and works as a two-way radio from either handset to handset or handset to base. It also supports a total of 9 cordless handsets per base.

Key features of the new powerful EP802 include:
* Extreme Range - Superior penetration through concrete, wood and dry wall for multi-level and outdoor range.
* Built-In Intercom/Radio - Acts as a two-way radio for instant, alternative forms of wireless communication.
* Expandability - Supports anywhere from 1 to 9 handset(s) per base.
* WiFi Friendly - Will not interfere or cause disruption with WiFi-networks.
* Hands-Free Speakerphones - Speakerphone use on handset(s).

The EP802 is also equipped with standard features including:
* Call transfer
* Call ID w/call waiting
* 50 entry call ID phone book
* Any answer key, selectable ring tone and vibrate options
* 2.5mm headset jack, key guard and call barring

The EP802 cordless system is efficiently designed for easy installation, easy step programming and rapid charging.

Longe range: up to 2km





• Expandable handset (up to 9 handsets)

• Multi-base (up to 4 bases)

• Vibration mode

• Multiple language (10 European)

• ETSI Caller ID supported

• Call log(Dialed/Received/Missed call)

• Date/Time stamp (For Caller ID)

• Key guard

• Call Timer

• Phonebook: 50 entries (16 characters + 25 digits)

• Handset speakerphone

• Two-way intercom

• Broadcasting

• Call hold

• Call barring (For outgoing call)

• Call manager

• Call park

• Flash (100ms ~ 900ms)

• Redial (Last 10 calls)

• Feature call

• Hearing aid compatible

• External handset/base antenna

• Built-in 2.5mm headset jack

• Optional outdoor antenna - sold separately

• Programmable PBX option key

• Inter operatable with previous EP801


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