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EnGenius EP 801H Extreme Range Cordless Phone Handset

EnGenius EP 801H Extreme Range Cordless Phone Handset

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EnGenius EP 801H Extreme Range Cordless Phone Handset

EnGenius EP-801H Extreme Range Cordless Phone Handset
nur noch ein Gerät vorhanden - zum Betrieb wird eine Basisstation benötigt, das EP-801 geht auch an der Basisstation EP-802


New Extreme Range Cordless Offers Better Performance, More Functionality 

hier gibt es einen Vegleichstest mit herkömmlichen DECT Telefonen:

EP-801H: 1 Line Wireless 800 MHz PBX. This is the answer to the available DECT phones without enough long reach connectivity 

It is here! See our first CE Type compliance Long Range Cordless Phone, ep-801H, (extra) handset in combination with EP-801, as an addition to our existing telecom equipment portfolio. Engenius/Senao is mentioned everywhere for our Telecom business has long enjoyed much success in US and in Asia Pacific and we have gained the reputation as the unmatched longest range of digital phones and wireless PBXs for years. At last, we now can bring that success also to Europe on 863~865MHz. 


- 1 (pstn) Line Digital Long Range Cordless, Base w/ Dialing Keypad & Speakerphone
- Frequency band: 863~865MHz
- 38 channel auto-scan
- Channel spacing: 50KHz
- Long range, default up to 1km
- Expandable handset (up to 9 handsets)
- Multi-base (up to 4 bases)
- Vibration mode
- Mono display
- LCD backlight (White)
- Display multiple language: English / French / German / Italian and Spanish
- ETSI Caller ID supported
- Call log (Dialed/Received/Missed call)
- Date/Time stamp (For Caller ID)
- Key guard
- Call timer
- 50 names / number phonebook
- Handset speakerphone
- Two-way intercom
- Broadcasting
- Call hold
- Call Barring (For outgoing call)
- Call manager
- Call park
- Mute
- Flash (100ms ~ 900ms)
- Redial (Last 10 calls)
- Call barring (For outgoing call)
- 6 level volume control
- Feature call
- Auto-answer
- Any key answer
- Auto hang up
- Prefix
- Keytone volume
- Ringer volume
- Selectable ring tone (For Incoming call)
- Selectable ring tone (For intercom)
- Low battery alarm and display
- Hearing aid compatible
- External handset/base antenna
- Built-in 2.5mm headset jack
- Optional outdoor antenna ¡V sold separately
- Programmable PBX option key
- Regulatory Compliance (mandatory)


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