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TRONSMART TSM G62C Fernbedienung Maus Voice Gyrospace

TRONSMART TSM G62C Fernbedienung Maus Voice Gyrospace

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TRONSMART TSM G62C Fernbedienung Maus Voice Gyrospace

Tronsmart TSM G62C Fernbedienung-Maus-Voice-Gyrospace

Die ultimative Fernbedienung mit allen Funktionen auf der Rückseite eine QWERTY Tastatur, auf der Frontseite die Steuerungselemente für die Maus, die Hometaste, die Stummschaltung, das Mikrofon links die Lautstärkeregelung und rechts der Ausschalter für den mini PC und die Ohrhörerbuchse für den Ton und dann natürlich noch die Gyrospacefunktion fürs ultimative spielen.

Tronmart TSM-G62

Brand Tronsmart fly air mouse keyboard

This is a wireless air mouse with built-in gyroscope and the world's best gravity acceleration sensor, It can realize the function of traditional remote controller, mouse, keyboard, bidirectional voice, and motion sensing game on android platform.

It can have you released from your computer/TV/projector and other entertainment equipments, just flex your wrist, the direction of your wrist will be turned into the cursor on the screen.

It can avoid the disadvantages that traditional mouses need to static desktop for reference or the button of infrared remote control operation , letting you play your computer/TV comfortable and convenient, completely control your computer/TV entertainment.

Plug and play micro receiver, compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0

Suitable for computers, projectors, TV set-top boxes, HTPC etc., same as the USB mouse .



1. Support all the functions of the ordinary version

2.Support voice output

3.Support voice input (mic)



1. Six axis of gyroscope, real-time calibration.

2. Clear Record with the AGC function in the recording circuit at a long distance.

3. Natural voice output with outstanding Mid-bass effect

4. Low power consumption:


State of the mouse: <20mA

Bdirectional voice: ~ 35mA

Hbernation: <30uA



RK chip compatible with TSM G62C 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Air Mouse is better,for exampel:

NEO X7, NEO X5, RK908, CX919II, A928,Orion...

Lieferumfang: Tronsmart TSM G62C, engl. Anleitung, 2.4G dongle, in Bulkverpackung (ohne Batterien, benötigt werden 2 AAA Batterien)



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