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TRONSMART CC4PC das ultimative Ladegerät für alle Handys und Tablets

TRONSMART CC4PC das ultimative Ladegerät für alle Handys und Tablets

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TRONSMART CC4PC das ultimative Ladegerät für alle Handys und Tablets

der optimale Schnellladeadapter mit Qualmcom Quick Charge 2.0 und VoltIQ Technologie
Die Qualmcom Quick Charge 2.0 Technologie ist für Geräte von Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, HTC, Asus, LG u.a. eine Liste finden Sie unten.
Die VoltIQ Technologie unterstüzt alle Geräte.

Incredibly powerful

Industry-leading of 54 watts through 1 Quick Charge 2.0 port & 3 VoltIQ
Technology ports allow you charge 4 devices simultaneously.


The VoltIQ technology, as an deal solution, fixes it once for all

It automatically identifies the power level required for each connected device.

In the smart times you need a smart tool!


Smart to know your devices&power (enough) to dramatically shorten the charging time.


Quick Charge 2.0

5X Faster Charging Speed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology
in Blue Port



Save Charging time up to 75% with
Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0

In laboratory tests using a 3300mAh battery, a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled
device went from 0% to 60% charge in 30 minutes, while a device without
Quick Charge 2.0 using a conventional charger (5 volt, 1 amp)charger
achieved just a 12% gain in the same 30 minutes.

A device with Quick Charge 1.0 managed a 30% charge in that time period.



Backwards Compatibility

While offering fast charging for compatible device,

Tronsmart Rapid Desktop Charger also support older smart phones and tablet.


Ultra Compact. Ultra Impact

Incredibly 40g/1.41oz, easy to carry, adding minimum bulk to your bag.
Powerful 54 watts output.


Safety Guaranteed

Over-current, over-charging, short-circuit protection will make the charge safely,

without any risk of overheating or damaging your devices.


Micro USB Cable

Specially Design USB to Micro USB Cable Compatible with
Quick Charge 2.0 Port


What’s in the Package

Rapid Car Charger & Welcome Guide & 3. 3ft USB to Micro USB Cable


Unterstüzte Modelle der Quick Charge 2.0 Technologie (alle anderen Modelle werden von der VoltIQ Technoogie unterstüzt:



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